Semester III: Cybersecurity Leadership & Strategy

Spring Semester / 10 credits

Residency Module 3 (5 days) March 2024*

Cybersecurity Leadership & Strategy Courses

Emerging Innovations in Cyber Security

(Tandon) – online only

This course provides a forward-looking introduction to emerging innovations, themes, risks, challenges, and technologies in the evolving discipline of modern cyber security. Specific topics covered include security in Dev/Ops, security versus privacy, artificial intelligence-based security controls, threat to 5G mobile infrastructure, threats to social media, zero trust architecture, security in supply chains. The course includes live virtual lectures from the instructor, as well as several live virtual guest lectures from experts in the NYU Center for Cybersecurity in their specialized areas of cyber security research.

National Security Issues in Cyberspace

(Law) – blended-learning format

The law and strategy of cybersecurity are unsettled. This course will situate cybersecurity within the framework(s) of national security law and policy. Topics will include the domestic and international legal foundations of cyber operations (defensive and offensive), strategic considerations involved in cyber conflict (including the role of deterrence in cyberspace), and the overlap and distinctions between cybersecurity and intelligence operations. This course will also engage with the national security institutions involved in the provision of cybersecurity and its oversight, as well as with potential avenues for international cooperation in the prevention and resolution of cyber conflict.

Innovation Policy Colloquium (Incident Response Practicum, Managing the Next Generation of Threats, Digital Assets Through the Lens of a Cyber Intrusion & Ransomware Incident, Cybersecurity Innovation Law & Policy)

(Law) – blended-learning format

  • Incident Response Practicum
  • Managing the Next Generation of Threats
  • Digital Assets Through the Lens of a Cyber Intrusion & Ransomware Incident
  • Cybersecurity Innovation Law & Policy

The Innovation Policy Colloquium focuses on different aspects of the law’s role in promoting creativity and invention. The Colloquium will explore issues such as privacy, equity, reliability, innovation and transparency from a variety of perspectives — societal, legal, ethical, political, and humanistic.

Integrative Cybersecurity Management

(Law & Tandon integrated project)

The Integrative Cybersecurity Management course is driven by seminars and advising led by the Capstone Faculty Directors and Industry Capstone Mentors, resulting in a team-based project presented at the culmination of the program. The course requires students to build on their own professional experience and exposure to the academic content of the program to create a meaningful project that demonstrates their ability to take an integrated view of cybersecurity risk and strategy.

*Due to COVID-19 and resulting travel restrictions, future in-person residencies may be converted to remote instruction. We will share more information as it becomes available.

Program Overview and Coursework